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Practice Inspiration


Musico asked us to help them develop a go-to-market strategy for the US music education space for their play-along practice app. We started with Brand Therapy, which led to a series of beta test rounds to validate the product in the hands of target users. After multiple deep dives into user interface and user experience, verbal design, creation of top-level strategies for identifying pain points and value propositions for a handful of different distinct buyer personas, and a few rounds of Facebook ads to test theories on what music teachers really need the most help with, Musico is now out of beta.


Through this process, a series of creative briefs were written and iterated on, leading to a series of radical trance-formations on all fronts. The focus has now shifted to growing a user base through starting a larger conversation at the top of the sales and marketing funnel, based on a fundamental shift we’re seeing in the larger market towards more creativity, inspiration, and free exploration in music lessons. and

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Teacher-facing copywriting/positioning

Student-facing copywriting/positioning

Master class copywriting/positioning