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Personal Branding and Digital Strategy for Entrepreneur, Investor, Polymath, and Unicorn Herder Mark Montgomery


We took Mark through brand therapy, verbal design, and an overhaul of all digital plumbing, content generation processes, and social media workflows. Various platform integrations were put in place to automate key under-the-hood tasks and free up time for big-picture thinking, thought leadership, and firing the Attention Cannon when called for.


Continued/ongoing personal brand positioning as a leading entrepreneur at the intersection of tech, music, and innovation, leading to a variety of unconventional outcomes including selling the INK building for $6,000,000, blowing up education with a radical new MTSU class called A Minor In Reality, founding or investing in a handful of new companies including IDDO, Ruby, and #notblacklabs, working to legalize Medical Cannabis, and a handful of other things we can’t talk about yet.

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